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My Grand Father [NANA] ::

My Grand Father [NANA] was all time like me. He all-time gives me inspiration & in any need He was given help me as soon as possible of his own capacity . My Nana was the Ex. Deputy Governor of Central Bank of Bangladesh which name is BANGLADESH BANK….

ooh!! My Nana’s Name is Haji M. Siddique Ullah….

11 October, 2005 :: My Grand father’s Death Anniversary

On 11 october, 2005, It is so sorrow & bad days, where I was missing my great 1 person who is my Nana M. Siddique Ullah…..

Also now always I remember to him & feel his activities. It is a great sorrow & memorable day that I was missing a great 1 person of our family who is my Nana M. Siddique Ullah…My Grandfather NANA always gives me best advice..all time I miss Him so much, that when I write this article, then some water fall from my Two Eyes.

8 May Sunday :: Happy Mothers Day

My MOM is all-time think for my future, she always was doing sacrifice for me. but when I go to abroad, then my MOM is feel very tension, which is realize when I go to abroad & leave from My country. all-time I think …..for My MOM & Dad. By their sacrifice, today I can establish my future & get more. If my MOM not born me, I cannot see this Beautiful world….

28 February, 1998 :: Death Anniversary of my Mama

11 october, 2005 :: My Grand father’s Death Anniversary

3rd September, 2012 :: This is the great day in my life. On 3rd September, 2012, at 2.4o PM, I came at Swinburne University of Technology.

22th November, 2012 : I got the overseas job at Merdeka Shopping Complex. My one teacher of Swinburne University of Technology help me and Allah gives the job.On the reference of Dr. ANANAD AGRAWAL, I got the job at Plaza Merdeka.

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