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Effects of Excessive Uses of Social Networking Sites


Effects of Excessive Uses of Social Networking Sites

Effects of Excessive Uses of Social Networking Sites


  1. Waste of Time
  2. Real Communication Gap
  3. Affect on Mind and Health

The technology has some worst effect, though have some good effect. Social networking sites are the great innovation in this generation and communication system. Social networking sites most excessive term that waste of valuable time. When we use social networking sites, then long time using the internet. Besides, we addicted to see different items, but we can easily see those news from the different news link. The negative effects for students that, the college and university students as well as teenage access the social networking sites through their Smartphone or cell phone. Sometimes during the class session they are chatting through this social network. The students become victims of social networks. Similarly, when they are studying or searching any course material online, they get attracted to these social networks and diverting attention from the study. As a result, students reduce their learning and research capabilities. For that they cannot give proper concentration to study. Moreover, they cannot achieve good result. Many people and students spend lots of time on these social networking sites. As a result, they will not able to better communicate and socialize effectively in person with others. These reduce their communication skills. Sometimes, many students learn slang words and shortened form of words by using social networking sites. This way, reduces their language skill and creative writing skills. Thirdly, the excessive use of social networks affects the mental as well as physical health. Many people and students spend long time on the social networking sites. Therefore, they do not take meals in proper time and take proper rest. At that time, they took more tea or coffee for active, which effects negative on their health. They attack on migraine, headache and different physical problem for a long time using the social networks. Finally, it is a great responsibility for all parents and teachers, that they should try to help students make them aware of the negative effects besides of good effects for using the social networking sites.

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