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Realize The Internet Language

Realize The Internet Language, When You Get Net Problem :

Realize The Internet Language :

Moreover, when we visit to different weblink but that web doesn’t give any response, then view some different message such as: 502 Bad Gateway, 404 Not Found, 403 Forbidden, 400 bad Request, 4xx Client Error Continue, 408 Request Time Out, 415 Unsupported Media Type, 450 Blocked By windows Parental Controls, 500 Internal Server Error, etc. is different meaning by that, describing below ::

502 Bad Gateway : Server was running as like Proxy or Gateway & was getting a fault signal in Down Stream.

400 bad Request : User or Server is not given the request correct pathway.

403 Forbidden : The Server doesn’t take the request.

404 Not Found : At the current time, not get anything but in future time, may be found.

408 Request Time Out : After a request to the server, time is over of the server.

410 Gone : in the current time, not get anything & in future time, not find that thing.

413 Request Entity Too Large : so much request is sent to the server,

204 No Content : That type of contents is not found on the server.