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Wifi – Make Wifi Zone Through WiFI Router by Cable Internet

Wifi – Make Wifi Zone Through WiFI Router by Cable Internet and Improve Signal

On the upcoming time, people should be accessed Wifi in everywhere, however, now more people interacting within WiFi.

Now I like to say how you should build Wifi zone by using Wifi Router or Wifi Switch. For this, you must need only a wifi router, absolutely 150 Mbps or 350 Mbps Wireless router. You will get unbelievable high speed wireless service or wifi service by modifying this broadband connection, that will use accordingly in Cell (must have wifi option), Smartphone or laptop and desktop PC, much more.

1. Wifi Router 150 Mbps or 350 Mbps

At first, generally anyone can build WiFi by using your Broadband or Wire Connection, that is very easy process. When you will buy WiFi Router of any company (example: TPLink), then visit the product’s weblink and select quick install. Once the installation process complete, then if you have saved your settings and know your way around your routers setup menu.IMAG0638

Signal strength can be affected by moving the router, new metal structures like radiators, pipe work etc, or recently installed electrical or electronic appliances in the vicinity of the router (microwave oven, TV and so on). However, channel congestion is easily the biggest problem, due to neighbour’s Wi-Fi systems, other wireless devices (keyboards, mice, cordless telephones, central heating control etc). Changing the wireless channel often helps, and this is done through the router’s configuration menu, which you access through a browser on a PC or other device connected to your network.

Details of how to do this along with your router’s IP address will be in the router’s instruction manual. The trick is to find an unused channel and the easy way to do that, if you have access to an Android smartphone or tablet, is a free app from Google Play, called Wi-Fi Analyzer. This has a graphical display showing all nearby networks, and the channels they are using.