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RS232 Standard

RS232 Standard

  • It is a standard of the interface between a DTE and DCE.
  • Originally issued in 1962 as the RSA-232 standard.
  • It has been revised many times.
  • Now the most recent version is known as EIA-232-D, that is it comes from the Electrical Industries Association (EIA), Standard number 232, revision D.
  • It defines mechanical, electrical & functional characteristics of the interface.
  • It is a 25-wire cable terminated at one end with a male  connector and at the other end of a female connector.
  • Male connector at the end of DTE and female connector at the end of DCE.
  • The D-type connector may be a 25 pin or 9 pin connector.

DTE (Data terminal equipment) is any device that acts as a source or destination of binary data. Eg: Computer, printer etc. DCE is the intermediary device between the DTEs. DTEs do not often communicate directly with one another. So DCEs are necessary.

DCE (Data circuit terminating equipment) are the devices that transmits or receives data in the form of analog or digital signal through the network. Eg: Modems. DTEs  generates digital data and passes it to the DCE; DCE Converts the data to a form acceptable by the communication link And sends the signal to another DCE. The second DCE takes the Signal, convert it to a form usable by its DTE & delivers it.