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A Happy Event In My Life

A Happy Event In My Life

A Happy Event In My Life

Everybody has a life, and some happy moments as well as some trouble moments. In this challenging life, I have a happy event as like other person. One of the happiest days in my life was when I completed B.Sc. in Computer Science & Software Engineering. In my life, This is one happy moments because this Degree is very important matter of my life. It was one of my dreams. I always like to see dream. Because, dream can help to creates idea, future. Software engineering degree is very tough, critical & challenging. On this cause, I always think how properly to do achieve better this challenging degree. In this software engineering degree, every step is challenging. That’s why I always try hard and struggle, through do more study. Sometimes, I was doing, I felt that I couldn’t earn this degree but always my father, my some teacher gave more inspiration. This inspiration makes me confident and always try to well. Finally, the day was came, 05th November 2009, when I completed my Bachelor degree of Software Engineering. That’s why earnestly thanks to my father & mother, teacher who always stay beside of me in my every critical moment.

Finally, thanks to my God who always gives me some power that properly completed my software engineering degree and to get more knowledge, technique from this degree. When I was got my certificate, that day which was very interesting day than other days, which could not be explained in a single word. On that day, I was on cloud mine and jumping on the road cause of happy moments. I was calling to my father to give the best news. Then, my father felt so more proud, which I could see with my eyes. On that day my mom was cooking some special food, which I likes so much. Also, my grandmother, all of my Aunts, Uncles gives more gifts. All of my cousins and my younger sister accordingly singing some song. I could never forget those days.

Now, I hardly try to do and just look forward to achieve a world-class degree from Swinburne University of Technology. Then, I could be enjoying a great 2nd happy event with my family, teacher & friends.