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Always try should become a Leader


Always try should become a Leader, not become Boss.

Always try should become a Leader, not become Boss.

If you can do act as a Good Leader, people always can do better job as well as deliver all major job in proper time.

A leader can examine the relationship between emotional intelligence and effective performance through the empathy. Empathy drives strategy and creates a brain-friendly workplaces.

In our country Bangladesh, there have a great lack of a Good Leadership. All major people always want to be a Boss, but they forget that such of these people has no ability to become a Good Leader.

Always try to do practice this if someone cannot do anything properly, then always try to give better suggesting more times, but never try to do bad behave with cruel activities. It’s not a good leadership.

From my little 9 years working experience & act as a leadership in different technology business, I have gathered one thing that if anyone act bad behaviour in working area. Then always try to watch the face of person and try to keep silence.
Sometimes, major people should not give any opportunity to speak your opinion, then try to say your God in mind.

Inshallaah, success will knock into your door on the next time.