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To Prevent The Leakage Question Paper


To Prevent The Leakage Question Paper

Now the public examination system of Bangladesh became change – “ Examinations (JSC, PSC, SSC, HSC) will be held without any break except public holidays, leaving no room for question paper leak ”

That’s not a solid solution for preventing the leakage question paper of public exam. This is one kind of harassing to the students, that they cannot take best preparation for the public exam. Why Government cannot take help from technology such as like as an English Medium format. However, they are shouted ” Digital Bangladesh”. Absolutely, ” funny “

My Opinion

‘ To prevent the leakage question paper must try to send all question paper through using the Unique Internet IP Address. Each examination center should have sufficient printer & photocopy. Absolutely, the Education Ministry office makes such type Unique IP Address, which should be used during the morning day of the examination time only. Another time, disable the IP address that no one cannot use.”

I think nobody shouldn’t hear my voice. So, Just loses some Mega Bytes (MB).


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