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Cognitive Computing | Changing healthcare

IBM’s Cognitive Computing | Changing Healthcare

For the first time, IBM will open up Watson as a development platform in the Cloud to spur innovation and fuel a new ecosystem of entrepreneurial software app providers who will bring forward a new generation of applications infused with Watson’s cognitive computing intelligence.

Since winning Jeopardy! in 2011, its unique abilities as a cognitive computing system have enabled IBM Watson to help doctors better treat cancer patients, to support financial advisers and offer the most up-to-date guidance and to provide call center staff the perfect solutions at their fingertips. Indeed, IBM recently announced the new billion-dollar IBM Watson Group to solve the real-world problems that Watson is so adept

” A new cognitive computing project that enables more natural interaction between physicians, data and electronic medical records as well as help doctors better treat cancer patients, to support financial advisers and offer the most up-to-date guidance and to provide call center staff the perfect solutions at their fingertips. “

IBM Watson* technology is about to change your life. Because cognitive computing is altering how information is gathered, analyzed and presented, Watson is becoming your decision-making ally. In its latest announcement, IBM is pairing Watson with organizations to bring you improved customer service and information to help make intelligent decisions. Two years ago, Watson made its reputation on “Jeopardy!” by besting the human champions. Since then, Watson has become faster and smarter, enabling IBM to offer Watson-based technologies for medical and consumer-based services. This breakthrough in cognitive computing wouldn’t be possible without Power Systems* servers.

Think Like a Human

Cognitive computing technology allows Watson to read and digest material, understand natural language and present confidence-weighted, evidence-based responses. On one level, cognitive computing simulates the behavior of the human mind around an aspect of cognition, such as understanding language and being able to answer a question. Cognitive computing is critical to managing the super-convergence occurring between mobile, social, cloud and analytics. Watson uses its cognitive skills to navigate the complexity of human speech and analyze vast amounts of disparate, unstructured data.

One in five diagnoses are incorrect or incomplete and nearly 1.5 million medication errors are made.

Assisting Cancer Treatment

Once a doctor sequences your full genome as well as your cancer’s DNA, mapping that information to the right treatment is difficult. Today, these types of DNA-based plans, where available, can take weeks or even months. Cognitive systems will decrease these times, while increasing the availability by providing doctors with information they can use to quickly build a focused treatment plan in just days or even minutes – all via the cloud.

Within five years, deep insights based on DNA sequencing will be accessible to more doctors and patients to help tackle cancer. By using cognitive systems that continuously learn about cancer and the patients who have cancer, the level of care will only improve. No more assumptions about cancer location or type, or any disease with a DNA link, like heart disease and stroke.

Healthcare is the first place Watson found work. The volume of healthcare information is enormous, encompassing medical journals, patient records, doctors’ notations and test assessments. “Watson is uniquely positioned to learn from and train on that data to get progressively smarter and to benefit the healthcare industry,” Gold explains. Technology healthcare products based on Watson are being brought to market by WellPoint Inc., a healthcare insurer, and reflect the partnership’s work with leading cancer institutions like the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

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পরিশেষে আমার কথা।।

এই Cognitive Computing সিস্টেম আমাদের দেশে আনা অত্যন্ত জরুরি চিকিৎসা ক্ষেত্রে। এর ফলে আমাদের দেশে ক্যান্সার চিকিৎসার খরচ কমে আসবে। আর বাহিরেও যেতে হবে না। কিন্তু মজার কথা আমাদের বাংলাদেশের কয়জন ডাক্তার চিকিৎসা ক্ষেত্রে গবেষণা করে, শতকরা ১০০ জনের মাঝে ১-২ জন, আর বেশির ভাগ ডাক্তারের মনোভাব কিভাবে রোগীর পকেটের টাকা কাটা যায়- সেই চিন্তাই বেশী থাকে।  আর নবিন ডাক্তারদের মাঝে গবেষণা করার অতটা ইচ্ছে থাকে না। ডাক্তারি পাশ করার পরই রোগ নিয়ে গবেষণা করার চেয়ে বেশী ব্যাস্ত থাকে – কিভাবে বেশী টাকা উপার্জন করা যায়।  এটা সত্যি যে আমাদের বাংলাদেশে গবেষণা করার সুযোগ (opportunity)  কম কিন্তু ক্ষেত্র অনেক বেশী। কিন্তু opportunity নিজে থেকে বের না করলে, কখনই সুযোগ তৈরি হবে না।  আজাইরা প্যাঁচাল আর হওয়ার জন্য বলছি না।

প্রিয় দেশটা কে কিছুই দিতে পারি নাই।

আমার লেখাটা সরকার পর্যন্ত যাবে না, হয়তো কোন ডাক্তারের চোখেও পরবে না কিন্তু সত্যি যদি দেখে আর শেয়ার করে খুব খুশি হবো।