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Google’s Hangout Apps.

Google’s Hangout (Replaces Talk) Apps.

Google replaces Google Talks by publishing the Hangouts For iOS.

Google redesigns Mobile Messaging App, adds a handful of new features following Facebook’s acquisition of rival messaging service Whats-App. “The app has a brand new look and feel, is super easy to navigate, and includes a bunch of performance improvements,” more than 40 “stickers” are new to Hangouts 2.0, which are big, animated emoticons that you can add to any message.

My Opinion::

Now lots of people using G-mail as well as using Android OS. So, I think that’s so good and best choice using Google’s Hangout messaging Apps for instant call back, messaging feature and lots of. When you use the Google’s Hangout, then you can easily free call to others via online. User can access Gmail via offline Gmail and to get this service, must you should need to change your GMail settings option and select using ” Offline Gmail ” but  Last time Facebook buy the Whats’up Messaging apps, but have some problem using WhatsApp. because need new another email. But if use Hangout, then using only Google Gmail. Hangouts 2.0 is the first major update since it added phone calls late last year, and helps it compete in an increasingly crowded mobile-messaging market.

Google’s best advantages ” User can access all service by using only one single Gmail ID “.

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