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decrease Internet Costing Charge In Bangladesh

Cut/decrease Internet Costing Charge In Bangladesh

Many peoples mentioned that many countries using ” free internet ” except Bangladesh. But that’s not exactly true. From my experience, I saw that many countries of our Asia, Europe region, using internet with very low cost and that’s uncountable. Absolutely, there Gov’t cuts their bill from public tax and other tax.

But in our Bangladesh policy, Gov’t collect huge tax from public, but don’t decrease the costing price of internet. If Bangladesh Gov’t take a step that using wireless bandwidth cost monthly only 100 taka BDT by speed 512 kbps as well as broadband usage costing charge 300 BDT with 1GB speed.

Example, if any user’s use wireless bandwidth by 100 ticks., per entire day (24hours) the bandwidth costing charge is 3 tk. BDT and that’s saying free internet. People can use this type service and that’s good for spread.

But all service providers of Bangladesh try to do problem because they couldn’t collect enough profit. So, how will possible to convert – DIGITAL BANGLADESH.