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Bangladesh Government Made a New Cyber Law

Bangladesh Government Made a New Cyber Law to tackle Cyber Crimes with a Maximum Punishment of 14 Years in Jail for Offenders

Bangladesh Government is going to make a new law to tackle cyber crimes with a maximum punishment of 14 years in Jail for offenders.

On Sunday they are formulating Digital Security Act 2015, which he says will set to rest all controversies over the ICT Act’s Section 57.


“Cyber crimes will be the most significant offence in the coming days.”
Incidents of Cyber Crimes in Bangladesh are rising as the country’s internet penetration is increasing. The ICT Act addresses the issue, but has also attracted criticism, especially its Section 57, which critics say effectively muzzles the freedom of speech and expression. Section 57 of the law criminalises ‘publishing fake, obscene or defaming information in electronic form.’ Offence under this provision of the ICT Act is punishable by at least seven years in prison and 14 years’ imprisonment at the most. Fine can be as high as Tk 10 million. The law was passed in 2006 and amended twice in 2009 and 2013. In the last amendment, offence under the Section 57 was made non-bailable and the maximum penalty was extended to 14-year imprisonment.