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My Grandfather Sujayet Ulla

My Grandfather Sujayet Ulla, founder of Khalifarhat, Noakhali | আমার দাদা

আমার দাদা

My Grandfather and Khaliferhat, Sadar Area of Noakhali

My grandfather (dada) Late Late Suja Miah, who was the former Justice and British time, Bangladeshi Politician – Late Suja Miah ( Bengali – Dada). Someone indicates to him by honor as Suja Miah. Later, all people of Sadar Area, Khaliferhat allocation, knew him as Suja Miah. Grandfather (dada) Late Suja Miah was a famous Politician and the Founder and Owner of the KhaliferHat nearby Sadar of Noakhali District. was the owner of Khalifer Hat of The Noakhali region of Chittagong District.

From the history, on the last 1922, when british lord make obstacle and breaking the hat of Barahipur village, sadar, Noakhali. Later, a time this hat was auction in different time. But, the Khalifer hat of Barahipur not built properly. After a long years, then Suja Mia went to the Kolkata for met with Bengali lord of Kolkata that anyway get an  permission to build the hat of Barahipur village, Sadadr, Noakhali district.

Finally, that’s time Bengali Lord gave an permission to Suja Mia by a one taka gold coin with honor. Then Suja Mia started hard struggle to built the hat in a new movement. On 1930, He gave some land for build a mosque, madrasa under as a waqf estate. Then, Suja Mia and his cousin completely established a hat, name as KhaliferHat.