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Secure Your Email Data Policy

Secure Your Email Data Policy

People always want to use Secure Email. But they don’t know that security keep in their hand.password

For securely use email, first time need to verify the email by cell phone operator’s number. Your email can hack or Password can change or hack for lack of some step. But, if you verify the email by your cell phone operator’s number, you can use email with tension free. When you will do verify your email by using the cell phone number, then the email provider sends at your cell phone 5 or 6 Digit Security Code via message. To get strong security, when you will push that secure code on your Email verification code message, then your email will be secure.

In future, any hacker or unwanted user cannot hack your email. If anyone hack your email by broken the password, then you will get a notification on your cell phone.

So, always keep your email and other account in secure mode.

Secure Your Email, Secure Your Web, Secure Your DataInfo.