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VPN – Virtual Private Network

VPN – Virtual Private Network


VPN, Virtual Private Network – the institution’s interoffice traffic is sent over the public Internet rather than over a physically independent network. But to provide confidentiality, the inter-office traffic is encrypted before it enters the public Internet.

When a user connects to a VPN, a “tunnel” is created. This tunnel acts as a secure line of communication. The information passed through it can’t be read if intercepted because it has been encrypted. The VPN client on your computer and the VPN Server know the key to the encryption so data is only encrypted in transit, but instantly decipherable at the source and destination.

There has some best VPN software people use, when facing trouble in Internet or block any application services. All of these solid VPN software are :
1. Betternet VPN,
2. Hotspot Shield
3. Opera
4. TunnelBear
5. PureVPN
6. CyberGhost VPN