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Engineering Research and Publication – Rules Policy

Engineering Research and Publication – Rules Policy

” Rules Policy of Engineering Research and Publication ” from the BRAC University‘s Engineering Faculty, Associate Professor & Scientist of NASA – Dr. Khalilur Rahman.

Absolutely, that’s very difficult, because all Engineering Research must be followed by the rules of the World’s Engineering Organization – IEEE, ACM, IEEE.INFOCOM. But, have a great risk that a candidate cannot send his/her Article with Experiment Paper to all of this International Organization (IEEE, ACM, INFOCOM), they will reject and should be blacklisted. Better, select only one Engineering Organization of the world for the Publication of Research Paper.

all Engineering Research is Difficult, but Interesting achievement, if you can do.!!!

Here, describe the Policy of Engineering Research and Publication 

In Engineering, all Research and Publication all are approved by IEEE, INFOCOM, ACM. First of all, let to be informed that of any candidates. In the engineering study, all research and publication divided into two categories.

Theory and Practical

Theoretical Base Practical Basis
Simulation System Development (design, Implementation, experiment )
Comparative Study & Extension System Improvement
Theoretical Hypothesis (Some scholar person mention this )



Simulation Base Research

In the SIMULATION Base Research, a candidate always tries to make a model. A public workshop after completing their studies to examine the worldwide status and trends in this field, sponsored by IEEE, INFOCOM., ACM. Almost in all areas of engineering and science, computer simulation has enabled the researchers to study and predict the physical events, as an extension of their theoretical investigations. In many cases, it also provides a powerful alternative to the experimental science when phenomena are not observable or measurements are impractical or too expensive.

Comparative Study & Extension

In this session, a candidate can work with those research topic, where a candidate can compare discuss the other’s work. After, a candidate can add some extension with reference.

Theoretical Hypothesis (Some scholar person mention this ) 

In this type of research, occasionally see. Because this type of research method like as, any research person just makes an idea that this jobs or works are good for the nation or this organization. Example, a research person can say this software system is good for the organization and give such type of advices. Moreover, they make many good ideas for the country, people and the earth.

 Publication System::

Different type publication have in the research

a. Book
b. Journal 
c. Book Chapter 
d. Conference 
e. Local Conference 
f. Abstract
Important Term / facts
  • For writing book, Journal or Book Chapter, you must read 5000 thousand articles and Research papers.
  • For new researcher conference is the best place. If you attend at the conference, then can get an opportunity to meet with many great researchers.
  • The journal never published in two places, if you do that, they will reject and moreover, later they will list you in blacklisted.
  • Once, you are in a blacklisted, then never published your research paper.
  • But, better to choose one place, if you reject, from any place, then can submit to another place as well as must you can publish your paper.