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To All,

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem. Hope all is good with you.

I’m a professional freelance writer and blogger since 2008. Before, I was practicing as a freelance writer.  I have much interest to joining with software technology, tech contents.  

As an engineering background holder, I had a dream to do something for the Information engineering technology sector of Bangladesh.  I’m a positive manner person about my works and confident on my creations. I like to try to do achieve better as well as learn new for knowledge. I love to work with those people who can think and execute. After all, capable to balance a nice communication.

Now acting as a executive support in a Canadian Chamber house in the central city Dhaka, Bangladesh. Beside, Rezwan Ahmed is founder a small size software lab, Softdata Archive.

Background ::

In 2009, I graduated from the reputed university Stamford University Bangladesh with a Bachelor program in B.Sc. Of Computer Science & Software EngineeringI have previously earned MBAi Program from the Business System Management at Swinburne University Of Technology. (2013) 

As a Software Engineer holder, in future like to choose to do work with Software Research. Also, love to work with software, cognitive computing, cloud computing and its related matters. As a Software engineer, participate in different conference, and developing different contents and tools, consulting on the software engineering. I have a small size software lab, Softdata Archive Lab. Softdata Archive is an online based software designing firm, my childhood dream.

Since 2007, I was blogging on my this web link. I have so much intend to express all of my experience from the my working experience of software engineering sector. I  have more than nine (9) years working experience on software technology. I have strong knowledge on Windows OS platform such as windows 7 & Windows 8, windows Server & average skill on a Unix platform such as Linux and Wireless network setup. In addition, I have excellent knowledge on Object Oriented PL, C, C++, Visual Basic 2012 blend version, Visual Basic VB6.0, Slim Server Database, SQL Server Database, Microsoft Office Applications, Web-Blogging, Graphic Design with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Robotics Software Matlab, ASP.Net and practical based software development with Visual Basic Platform.

Finally, I would like to say that anyone gets benefit from this site, I feel happy and lots of pleasure that I can do something for the people and the rest of the world.

Thank you for visiting.

Contact Info ::

REZWAN AHMED (Software Research Practice) 

My Portfolio / CV will found hereResume Professional International by Rezwan Version01 BD
Weblink | www.rezwanlink.wordpress.com
E Mail  | rezwannet@hotmail.com  
Facebook| Rezwan Ahmed https://www.facebook.com/rezwannet
My Portfolio / CV



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