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Digital Government System – DGS

Digital Government System – DGS :: The Government Performing All Jobs Through Technology

Digital Government System :: The Government Performing All Jobs Through Technology


Whilst navigating the continuing economic volatility, governments around the world are trying to fulfil their promises to deliver economic growth, social progress, safe and secure nations, and increasing their own productivity. High-performing governments are going digital: they are providing citizen-centric public service at the time and place needed, thereby driving high levels of citizen engagement and satisfaction. My approach combines three streams of analysis to provide a 360-degree view on the contribution of digital to a country’s performance.



Digital Government System is a new concept that the country people and citizen can use necessary information and benefit from the government’s automated application. Also, the Government will get a proper response, realize the demand of the citizen by using the database of DGS.

This will be achieved because staff spends less time processing for Digital Transactions compared to offline alternatives as well as less money will spent on estates and accommodation, postage and packaging and supporting IT systems, according to the Government Digital Service.

One of the most significant terms – online voter registration system, allows citizens to apply to register to vote in just three minutes by typing their name, address, date of birth and National Insurance number into a form on the Government website.

Digital Transformation for Education System

However, online voter registration is just one small piece of the government’s wider ‘ digital by default ‘ strategy, which indicates providing digital services that are so straightforward and convenient that all those who can use them will choose to do so, while those who cannot are not excluded. The Online Voting Services for renewing a patent, applying for a student loan or grant, making a civil claim and applying for lasting power of attorney are all now live, and the service for viewing a driving record.

With the digital transformation project, DGS aims to shape government services around real user needs, based on data rather than assumptions. This includes recording facial expressions to see if someone is distressed or excited, tracking someone’s eye movements on screen and recording where they are moving and clicking their mouse cursor.

Perform The Digital Government System’s  via  Digital ID Card…

In this DGS system, we shouldn’t use any email, because many people don’t use email, but each person uses a cell. So, for that system cell number is the best way to register and performing work on the Digital Government System. Firstly, users will sign-up by his or her cell phone number or mobile phone number from the web. Then users will get a unique pin code and this pic code will store for verification and update information in the future. Secondly, the user will give their full name, voter ID, sex icon, blood group, hair color, eye color, jobs, present and permanent address. After finishing the verification, user can grant access to the DGS service of the Government. DGS will cut a fixed charge to use this service.

Digital Citizens… This digital wave is transforming the relationship between citizens and governments. There is an opportunity for governments to engage much more deeply with citizens and significantly enhance the quality of service delivery. High performance in government is creating value from public services in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Citizen Satisfaction Survey… By Using the DGS Assesses the overall satisfaction levels of county citizens across — capturing citizens’ opinions about the governments’ role in providing excellence in services. Citizens are the end users of public services with strong opinions about the role of their governments in providing excellence in services, and their voices should carry a lot of weight.

Technologies That Help Fight Against Crime… The Government will earn a greater benefit by using this type of application idea. Government’s security force can easily collect the data of terrorist and hold the terrorist. Emerging technologies that help fight crime New and emerging technologies, such as social media and mobile apps, can be used to engage citizens, aid investigations and gather intelligence.

One Apps but Pay All: Pay Utilities Bill…. Any educated and non educated people can pay their bill for home office utility services. Moreover, now many people going to office for payment of the utility bill. But when we will use this application, then can pay bills from anywhere of the Bangladesh. It is the most important for our country.

Social Media and Mobility….  Overall, the surveyed citizens stated they already use social media or would like to use it in the future as a means of interacting with their government. Citizens and businesses can now tell public service organizations what they need and what they think about a range of issues—from school closures and hospital standards regulation, public sector reforms or cost-cutting measures. Such feedback can drive innovations in service delivery, and form the basis for a new participative society. For example, the Brazilian government is making an effort to use social media to communicate with its citizens.

How To Improve Public Services For The Future…. Publish information on public services so that citizens can evaluate the effectiveness. Citizens can understand the priorities of citizens and communities better as their top priority for improving public services for the future.

  • Provide more services through digital channels, such as online or mobile.
  • Understand the priorities of citizens and communities better.
  • Provide services in a more cost-effective way.
  • Make sure that services are tailored to the needs of people using them.
  • Improve the skills of people who work in public services.
  • Improve understanding of what works well and what doesn’t.
  • Involve citizens in deciding how public services should work.

Service Charge….For using the DGS, absolutely need lowest service charge for maintenance your Government ID card or Voter ID card as well as a citizen of the country. Bangladesh Government can fix a lower charge that collects from the user’s cell number’s balance.

Conclusion…. The Digital Government System or DGS will save our money and time. Also, village people can access this type of service from anywhere of the country. For that person shouldn’t be needed to go to Voter Election office. Also, we can collect real population by using this service.

 Notice :: I already submitted this IDEA to Apps Competition in Bangadesh.

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