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Uber Service In Bangladesh: Rising lot of Question

Uber Service In Bangladesh: Rising lot of Question


Our country’s transport system never should be upgraded such type of these illegal persons of BRTA. Once, people enjoying good service by lower cost, fairer compared to CNG service, then some syndicate and one director of BRTA made a proposal that ” Uber Is illegal “.

Govt. Authority always told that they wants a Smart City in Bangladesh. and Uber is a part of Smart cities, for make a Digital Bangladesh.

Some corrupt people of BRTA and many directors take bribe from the taxi service in Bangladesh, then that’s not illegal. In our Dhaka, capital city of Bangladesh – it’s very difficult to get a taxi or CNG auto rickshaw or any private car for long distance. Moreover, when people ask for a CNG Auto Rickshaw or Taxi Service, then sometimes the driver made contest with the public to high demand, otherwise unwillingness to go to Destination. Then, a good solution Online Transport System ” Uber ” . The biggest advantage of Uber is it does not own any cars. It acts like a middleman between customers and cab drivers. It has made the task of booking a cab easier. Any car owner can become drivers after getting registered with Uber with valid documents, national identity card and a photograph.

An Uber spokesperson told that “Uber is a technology platform that has transformed urban mobility in more than 450 cities across 74 countries by connecting riders with drivers with the tap on a smart phone,”

After all, this is absolutely true that Uber must take a permission from the authority of BRTA. Also, BRTA must give the permission to the Uber for make competitive transport system.

It’s a law that when anyone start business in another country, must need to take permission and follow all act of the country.

It is really funny that Govt. authority always told that they want to make Digital Bangladesh. But the other side, their corrupted people tries to convert into Analog Bangladesh.