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DiGITAL Camera Function|

DiGITAL Camera Function|

Many people have no idea – ” how is working the Digital Camera but using the Digital Camera. Here, lets I described about the function of Digital Camera.

A digital camera is an example of 2D array input devices. In a camera, the image sensor is a semiconductor device with a grid of light sensitive pixels. Two common types of arrays as known as CCDs (Charge Coupled Devices) and CMOS (Complimentary MetalOxide Semiconductor) sensors. The digital camera is the raster graphics display system. Digital camera are raster scan that using display pixel. Digital camera’s lens project an image of the scenes to be photographed onto the sensor and each pixel measures the light energy falling on it (sensors). Most color cameras are working by using a color filter array or mosaic to follow each pixels to see only red, green, blue light.  The image software of the color camera to fill in the missing value in a process known as demosaicking.

Digital camera charge the light of pixel, where flow light enough, then the charge will be enough. And when the light flow less, then the charge will less. In the digital camera charge variation depend on the light.Names and Functions of Working Parts

One the camera, use three separated layers in the arrays measure three intent or object red, green, blue values at each pixel produce a usable colors Image except of further processing. A fixed number of pixels in the array determine the resolution of a camera. In digital camera, control signal setup in front of the image.

In a example, the 1920×1080 pixel cannot read all of these bits. A camera with an array of pixel 3000 columns and 4000 rows pixel, which has 6 million pixels called 6-megapixel camera.

The Video camera can create 35 megapixel or 35mpixel, or high resolution. Because they have using image processing.