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PC Troubleshooting

PC Troubleshooting; Maintenance

A very good start to protecting your desktop PC or Laptop is to apply some common guidelines that can protect the PC and extend its service life. Here are a few general tips for keeping your PC in working order :
  • A desktop PC or laptop should be locate in a room, where is cool & dry place.
  • The desktop PC should have an airflow buffer space all around. It doesn’t need to be more than a few inches wide but make sure that you can allow ample air space around the PC, avoiding draughty & dusty areas.
  • Because the Desktop PC’s cords and cables can be a hazard to you and other people, keep them together and tucked away to protect the cords, the PC, you & others.
  • When a desktop PC is powered up and down frequently, the heating and cooling can stress the motherboard and other electronics, leading to intermittent problems from degradation and eventual catastrophic failures. Avoid powering the system on and off frequently.
  • Most new PCs have many energy-saving features built into the Basic Input/Output System (BIOS), chipset, and operating system, such as suspending the hard disk and monitor. These features not only save electricity, but they also extend the life of the PC and its components.
  • Always the desktop PC or Laptop will connect to the alternating current (AC) power source through a surge suppressor or an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS). This UPS  always will protect the PC from possible damage caused by electrical spikes, surge, blackouts and brownouts.
  • Always wear an antistatic wrist or ankle strap when working inside the PC’s case to avoid possible damage from electrostatic discharge (ESD).
  • Always before shut down the operating system, must close any open applications and power off, unplug the cable of Desktop PC from its power source.
  • Never place a PC & especially it’s monitor or stereo speakers, near any strongly magnetized objects, which can distort the image and sound produce by the monitor or speakers and possibly eventually damage disk storage devices as well.
  • Always shut down the desktop PC, before connecting or disconnecting a serial, parallel, or video device. Universal Serial Bus (USB) and fire wire devices can be hot plugged and are a better choice for devices that need to be removed and replaced often.
  • Always try to use better, update & registered software but if you use free software, then must you’ll confirm that the software publishers is renowned or remarkable software company.
Security System ::
  • Always open your Windows Firewall, if you feel unsecured, you can use extra brand best firewall such as comodo firewall, iolo firewall, kaspersky security suite. But now, windows firewall is best and give better performance.
  • Always try to use the better & best Anti-virus Software / Security Suite such as Microsoft Essential, Kaspersky Internet Security, Bitdefender Security Suite. If you unable to buy this security suite, you can use the best free Security Suite; Microsoft Essential, Bitdefender Free edition, AVG, Forticlient Endpoint security Suite.
  • Always back up important data and software in a CD, DVD or Blue Ray Disk. But now it is best to do backup all data in Internet mail storage.