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Celebration Day ::

Eid Ul Fitri | Salamat Hari Raya | 8th August, 2013

Eid is the best time for all Muslim. All Muslim people going enjoy during this Eid day. I have passed two Eid day at outside except my family. First, when I came into Sarawak, that Eid day is very interesting but second Eid day was very annoying. On the second time, when I’m doing Eid Ul Fitri at Sarawak, that Eid day was annoying. Many people was doing rough activities with me before the Eid day.

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Actually, many people when staying an outside from the home country, he or she have faced many difficult problem. Sometimes many friends doing rough activities, someone doing treat. Same as way, on 2013, 8th August, I have faced these during my second Eid day at Sarawak.

but at a later, I got an invitation from one Bangladeshi friend – Saad, who are staying long time in Sarawak. Then I went to that invitation. Very awesome and delicious food, such as chicken korma, beef curry, rice, drinks, cola, etc.


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