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Courtesy Manner for International Student | Higher Education

Courtesy Manner for International Student | Higher Education

Courtesy Manner for International Student

Every person has a dream to be famous and achieve a better life. If you want to achieve a better life, cheerful day, good effort and sufficient wealth, must try to gain higher degree. A higher degree can change your life, empathy, awareness, manner and everything. For better ambition, many students are going to another country, which is modern economical well and luxurious life. But, higher degree sometimes never changes the behavior. Every year, many people left from his home country and trying to go most reputed country.

After going to another country, they have no idea to do activities with the people and classmates.

Absolutely, make fun, but no more crosses the limits. I dislike that many people doing fun with me through different picture or text, however many people think that they’re doing good work. But, sometimes that makes more harassment as well as face many problems in the practical life.

If possible, try to give good something, otherwise don’t do these type of activities. This is not good manner or courtesy “