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Cannot Copy File To Flash Drive

Cannot Copy File To Pen-Drive or Flash Drive

Many times when copy any file from Pen drive or flash Disk, then fall in problem. When want to do copy file, then show many type error messages such as : cannot copy CD keys or cannot copy files & the disk is write protected, remove the write protection or use any other disk. I fall in this type problem & cannot copy any file from flash Disk.

I was found out a solution of this problem or error. For these type problem, solve as by following system :

  • First Go To Start Menu, go run option & write regedit; then press Enter.
  • Now go to this option :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageevicePolicie. Then click Write Protect option & write Zero (0) in Value Data Box and do save.

follow up this process systematically, then shouldn’t face in any problem when copy any file from Flash drive.