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Last moments Swinburne Sarawak

Swinburne, Sarawak |Last Segment of My Life |

Swinburne Sarawak..!!!

Yea, that’s famous and some mysterious experience in my life, which never forget or never erase from my brain. Swinburne, Sarawak or Swinburne University of Technology is the part of memory in my life, which I have posted, last time.

But on the last 8 September, 2013,  I came back at Swinburne for taking the transfer copy finally, however I transferred to another university. At that time, I was astonished that all Bangla community of the Swinburne University of Technology was busy with me and celebrated me so much. Absolutely, the last moment of the Swinburne, Sarawak is the best moment in my life.  

Yeasir, Sunny Monir, Manzurul, Arman, Faisal Doa, Saad, Samin bro, Ahmed bro everyone doing so much for me, that’s never forget. From the Sarawak, I took lots of respect, love and many nice stories. Sunny made a short film with me. On the 12th September, evening time, I was chatting with a nice Malay girl (I have no intend to mention the name), that time one Bangladeshi SAAD took a photo, very funny and enjoying that through the posting in the Bangladeshi Community of Swinburne, Sarawak. Absolutely, I dislike this type of ugly activity person.             

 Swinburne Sarawak is the last segment in my life, where introducing many people, test many good activities, good behavior but moreover may people doing some rough behave. That’s no matter because I achieved some great experience in my life, which will be helpful and give me a new pathway on the next mission.