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:: I don’t know what is my next destination because everything depend on my fate, my works. but I’m trying to do that can achieve my goal, setup my next destination..

:: You say I’m a Dreamer but I’m not the only One. In this world, every successful person saw the dream and achieve their goal by hard struggle. !!!

::: Every Night Try To See a Dream, because dream will help you to create better something and you can go forward. My 1 special & best friend always told me this talk, also I accept this truth. So, See Your Dream & take a better sleep !!!

Always I like to say the frustrated people and My opinion for all::
»»” If you have the will, you will find a way.
” Yes, I came from a Higher Middle – class family, have not enough property,
But I believe that will Achieve dream, success from honesty, respect and at least do hard labor, Play Hard, then once you will Win. Because, Tomorrow Never Dies… » ” – ReZwan Ahmed.

If you’re born poor, it’s not your Mistake. But if you die poor, it’s your mistake. — [ Bill Gates, Microsoft ]
I have not failed,
I have just found 100 ways that won’t work. [ Thomas Alva Edison]
Don’t Misjudge The Person. If You fail to achieve the target, Never should be upset, Try that one more time, Must be Won & Get Success. ”

বন্ধুরা তোমাদের অনেকই ভাবতে পারো, যে আমি অনেক আনন্দে আছি, আনন্দময় জীবন। অনেক ছবি তুলি, আর বাংলাদেশ এর বাহিরেও ঘুরে বেড়াই ।
ভাবছো রেজওয়ান এর লাইফ-টা অনেক আনন্দের. কিন্তু আমার জীবনও অনেক রঙের দুঃখ, কষ্টে ভরা.
আর আমার কষ্ট, দুঃখগুলোর রং সাদা, তাই দেখা যায় না | যদিও অনেক মানুষই বলে বেদনার রং নীল ।।” – Rezwan Ahmed


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