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Software Research Technology

Software Research Technology

Software Research Technology

Software research is a big intellectual method for software industries. However, software research is now an important fact for our Bangladesh, where have many software organizations and programmers, developers. But they have not enough software researcher for improving and quality judgement of this software technology. All organizations, software firms just doing business with software, networking and IT as well as develop software and build networking sector. But a few people think about  software technology research. Many people doing work with IT, software and networking but there has very few manpower engaged with the software technology research to improve the technology and software field of Bangladesh.

Absolutely, I saw that there has luck of research methodology in our Bangladeshi software engineers. When I’m doing work at BRAC University with my coordinator, faculty beside of my postgraduate degree on software engineering research methodology.

From My Experience,

Software Engineering Research is not easy and It is not like that you read only, watch the project and write something on the Computer.

A Software Engineering Research Student, Software Engineering Student or any Engineering Students must read huge books, Practice enough Programming Skill, Shape 360 degree base Knowledge on the different High Level Mathematics, huge study on the algorithms, and applications for modeling, simulation, rendering, animation, human-computer interactions, and other key elements of visual computing, Cryptography, Sound Engineering.

After all, you must need 360 degree basis Study and Knowledge, if you gain success on the Engineering Studies and Projects and rest in your life.

Moreover, when develop a thesis or journal and article writing, require a standard guideline. GOOGLE Scholar provides you best suggesting to develop many disciplines and sources, including Thesis, Books, Citations, Abstracts & Articles. By using Google Scholar, users will find world’s all International Ranked Universities Article and Research papers.

::Why I post this ::: 
First of all, When I stayed at Swinburne University Of Technology, Australia and Malaysia campus, then I used Google Scholar for writing world-class thesis, research paper. Absolutely, now I would like to say these from my practical experience.  Now, I love using that at BRAC University. Just I want to express some idea to give my country people and rest of Computer Science Engineering students to get a proper guideline to develop the research papers.

What do the Software Engineer Researcher

University of Calfornia’s Institution Of Software Research Technology Head Richard N. Taylor told that “ A Software researcher of research team’s goal is to advance software and information technology through research partnerships. Here at ISR, we have become the intersection between cutting edge software research and real world practice. Over the years we have built an impressive community of academic software researchers and industrial innovators and  continue to transform the field of Software Engineering. ”


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