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Life is going ups and down. But never loose your hope…!!!

Life is going ups and down. But never loose your hope…!!!

Life is going ups and down. But never loose your hope…!!!

The 4th July 2019, Thursday a saddest and worst day in my life that on that day of the week IHL office Administration section call me and informing that they cannot bear many employers monthly salary. I’m listed person among of that forceful resign employers. Administration section told me that ” Rezwan we cannot survive many employers salary because no more sale at right now. How can make salary. So, you please don’t come in the upcoming time. ”

It’s a biggest problem that in our Bangladesh when young male candidate appointed into a company, then after a certain time when times come for increment of the Salary, then many holdings and group of company smoothly cut their employer. But, these holdings and many reputed group of company never understand that technical person gave hardship and uncountable help to increase their business.

When people fall into rough time in life, they he or she can introduce with new experiences. On that rough time, people can understand that who is really good friend in the life. Beside, introducing with bad person. In the rough time, always try to give hardship to develop the lack of knowledge, gave deep concentration into education, beside read more books.

After all, thanks to my creator Allaah that Allaah manage a good job in my bad situation. I’m very happy that that job my bearing designation is IT Manager. There have a oldest opinion that ‘ if your one side close, then another side will be open….and Allaah always manage that.