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Research Project : Self Leadership Self FollowerShip

Followership Self –Authorship Self – Management and Self-Leadership


This paper introduces Followership, Self-Authorship, Self-Management and Self-Leadership, which are important for the organization, team or group and social community. As a starting place, the leader is usually seen as the major actor of leadership. Leadership is easier to focus on one individual as the centre of action, influence and power than many in making attributes.

In the follower part, I am trying to give informative information about Followers also have the potential for making significant contributions to be responsive also as followers. Definitely, at every level in organizations, leaders are called upon to be responsive also as followers.

In this project, I provided examples of how to assess self- authorship, how to use the theory in research to understand how students make self-authored decisions. In addition, I gave a distinction between the leadership and followership. I am trying to discuss through the example.

Role of Follower Attributions About Leaders
Relationship | Followership and Leadership
Leader Qualities by Stages
Legality as A Basis Of Authority
Social Self, Social Perceptiveness and Self-Monitoring
Self-Serving Biases

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