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Pen-drive or Flash drive

Flash drive

Pen-drive or Flash drive was built on 1988. After build up this Flash Drive go on end life of Floppy Disk.  Now Today in This Modern & Technology Generation unavailable this Flash Drive. Flash Drive is more suitable, save more data than Floppy Disk But It is Small Hard Chip Than Floppy Disk.

FLASH DRIVE was built up with some oldest technology, such as EPROM [Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory] , EEPOROM [ Electrical Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory ] both connectivity with the facility of Universal Serial Bus [USB] connection. For this reason, Data can erase & write any time continuously.

In the world, IBM first USB compatible FLASH-DRIVE was built on 15 December, 2000. Trek Company of Singapore when push this FLASH-Disk in the International Market, then it’s name is THUMB-DRIVE. IBM was gave name this FLASH DRIVE “ Disk On Key” .

First PEN-DRIVE / FLASH-DRIVE capacity was 8 MB.

Now Today found more large capacity FLASH drive, such as 64MB, 100MB, 1 Terabyte [TB] & etc..