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Bangladesh is a predominantly rural country (72% of the population), but is experiencing rapid population growth in urban areas: the number of city dwellers is currently estimated at 43 million people, but is expected to double by 2030 and exceed 100 million by 2050. With some 45,000 inhabitants per km², the capital Dhaka is today the most densely populated megacity in the world. It is also the only city without any public transport system. This leads to constant traffic jams, which hamper economic activity and pollute the air.

It is really a good news and after all our Beautiful BANGLADESH improve day by day through lots of corruption. Finally, Bangladesh Citizen and foreigners can collect important information from Bangladesh web.

Interested people will get all e-service and info about Agriculture, Education & HR system, Healthcare, Utilities, Disaster Mgt., Passport Form, TIN Registration, Railway Ticketing System, National E-Service System (NESS), Union Information and Service Centres (UISC), and much more.

Absolutely, all people will get overall information and access all facilities from this unique web of Bangladesh Gov’t. It is the largest web portal in the world.

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