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Blogging :: Best for Publish Your Self Idea and Share Thoughts with The World.

Blogging :: Best for Publish Your Idea and Share Thoughts with The World.

Blogging ::

Blogging, now in this time is a superior place for sharing Idea and knowledge with people, nearest friend and the rest of the world. Also, when a writer writes something on the blog site, then call that person is Blogger. A blogger writes his/her Idea as well as sometimes it is helpful for other persons.

People can use their own website by Web-blog site. Each web-blog site or blog page is the personal web world for the Blogger. There have thousands web blog site in internet world, where users can publish their personal blog page as well as share his or her all Idea & spread thoughts.

Opening a blog is easy for all. first you must need an active email, then sign up your blog site from any well reputed site. But, a professional blogger always use blogging with some points of news and theme. You can use theme as well as different colorful picture into your blog-site.

Now, it is the Technology basis time and blogging is the most interesting and enjoyable place beside of many social communication sites as like as Facebook, Twitter, hi5, MySpace, Orkut, etc. Somebody say Twitter is a micro blogging because, it shows follower as like a blog site. Some Bloggers write some special and post best article Information technology, software, networking into their blog site. Also, in this technology world, more person get more support from these blog page, after all,  get an opportunity to know more idea & can share.

just remind this: Your blog reflects who you are as an individual & as a professional.   

LinkedIn ::
LinkedIn is fully professional social networking web. In this site people moreover come for communicate with corporate & search for jobs. In this site, each person’s profile stays as like resume. For these reason, different company search for proper person for their company from LinkedIn site. In addition, in this site people can connect automatically in his working area based person.

Quora ::
From the Internet, different problem can solve by different persons idea. But this problem & it’s solution shouldn’t stay in a one place, stay in different place. Quora bring all solution of different problems in One places. Also, Quora sites say Knowledge Tanker because, in this site give answer of many hard question. ::
This Social Sites is only for that Person who Love Song; live in song & all time fall in Music – Styles. In a word to say is unbelievable & fantastic web site for that person who music Lover.