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Flash Disk



Pua Caine Sangs is the first creator of Pen-Drive or flash Drive. In this Pen-Drive / flash drive has USB facility, that’s why get more facility. Pen-Drive creator Pua Caine Sangs born in Malaysia but complete his study in Taiwan. Pua Caine Sangs complete his Graduate from Cheo Tuoang University from Electrical Control Engineering. In the study of Engineering Graduate program running time Pua Caine Sangs try to stand a IT Company. But that time he was failed to turn on his IT Company. On 1999, after complete graduation, Pua Caine Sangs was doing job in a firm. In that time Pua Caine Sangs was introduce some same age engineer; with that four engineer Pua Caine Sangs creates a company “ FEZONE ”

Pua says about “ FEZONE ” when we start the company, then confidently hope that we get must success. From starting the company we was work on USB Technology. There was two Malaysian & three Taiwan engineer work in “ FEZONE ”

On 2000, FEZONE should be converting into FEZONE ELECTRONICS CORPORATION & that time fully starts work with USB system. Just about 6 months, they were invention USB Storage Device “ Pen-Drive ”. Pua also says “ when we were doing work with USB device, then realize that this USB Device get more importance in IT market but on that time nobody believes. Then we are only 27 years unskilled or inexpert younger. Self confidence was their main power & inspiration. Even that time they have no knowledge or idea how marketing their invention  products. Then they were thought give joining a trader, who should do marketing their product.   ”

Finally, Pen-Drive was came in IT market June, 2001. IT world was Astonished that their invention Product USB Pen-drive strongly was got more importance in whole world. Finally they get a great success & more profit in August, 2001.

Taiwan is very satisfaction on PUA because he invention Pen-drive in Taiwan. Taiwan earn 31 billion dollar by sell & export this Pen-Drive.          

Cannot Copy File To Pen-Drive or Flash Drive

Many times when copy any file from Pen drive or flash Disk, then fall in problem. When want to do copy file, then show many type error messages such as : cannot copy CD keys or cannot copy files & the disk is write protected, remove the write protection or use any other disk. I fall in this type problem & cannot copy any file from flash Disk.

I was found out a solution of this problem or error. For these type problem, solve as by following system :

  • First Go To Start Menu, go run option & write regedit; then press Enter.
  • Now go to this option :

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINES\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\StorageevicePolicie. Then click Write Protect option & write Zero (0) in Value Data Box and do save.

follow up this process systematically, then shouldn’t face in any problem when copy any file from Flash drive.        

Pen-Drive or flash Drive could do work as Virtual Memory

Some PC user cannot buy powerful RAM for the high cost. But if that users have any 2 GB or up to 2GB flash Disk, they can use their Flash disk as like Virtual Memory.

For, get this occasion; at first connect your flash Disk to PC or Computer. Now go to the properties of My Computer or Computer.

Then go to this option :

  • Advanced/Performance/Settings/Advanced/Change option
  • select the Flash Disk from the Menu of Drive (Volume Label).
  • Then choose the Custom Size, go to Initial Size & Maximize Size Box.
  • In this Initial Size & Maximize Size Box write the value size of Flash Disk, which is use as like RAM or Virtual Memory.  But must this is remember, moreover 5 Megabyte (MB) space stay free for windows. That’s why User must should be stay space 5-10MB for Flash disk.
  • Then Users select Apply / OK & restart the PC. Now The Flash Disk work as like RAM.

All category Operating System of Windows Use Two (2) type Memory for work, such One is Physical Memory and Second is Virtual Memory. Virtual Memory all-time stay in Hard Drive. In this Topic, just give short note how Use The Pen Drive or flash Disk as like Virtual Memory.