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4th Generation Processor

Intel 4th Generation Processor |vPro

Intel 4th Generation Processor |

Intel core processor family in the local market.

The 4G Intel core processor delivers optimized experiences personalized for end-users’ specific needs, packing extraordinary battery life capability, breakthrough graphics and new usages in devices such as 2-in-1s, tablets, robust enthusiast and portable all-in-one systems and secure and manageable business device with Intel vPro.

This is the first chip to be ever built from the ground up for the Ultrabook and the most significant roadmap change since Intel Centrino technology, 4th Gen Intel core processors combine stunning PC performance with a tablet-like mobility, accelerating a broad new category of 2-in-1 devices.

With power levels as low as 6 watts in scenario design power, Intel is enabling thinner, lighter, cooler, quieter and Fanless designs. New Intel Core processors also power designs such as all-in-one PCs with great battery life, bringing portability to the growing category. The highest-performing processor family, 4th Gen Intel Core processors are capable of delivering up to 15 percent better performance than the previous generation.

Consumer and business systems based on quad-core versions of 4th Gen Intel core processors are now available in the market. New mobile business products with 4th Gen Intel core vPro will be available later this year.


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