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Dhaka City is ok

Dhaka City is ok, Crazy City in the World

Dhaka city is ok, and nice city. In the CNN report told the Dhaka is the listed 2nd ineligible city. But, exactly in our country major people are ineligible to live in Dhaka.
01. Sometimes, wonder that personal vehicle waiting in traffic signals, but always switching their horn and that is making trouble to people.

02. Major roads are filling up with dust. Moreover, major dustbin-boxes put beside on the largest road. But the City Corporation can put those dustbin boxes into a place except on the road.

03. Many public university vehicles, the people of ministry office, car going to wrong way on the road.

04. Lots of construction company uses footpath by putting bricks, sand, after all construction materials.

05. Lack of parking center, but that’s possible to do parking, car, if the car owners have wished to watch a traffic jam free city.