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E – Learning is an important term in the current generation of the world. Because, everywhere became digital.

E – learning refers to the use of electronic media and video learning information and using communication technology in the education system. E – learning can happen indoor or outside of the classroom. E – Learning including audio, video-text, images, animation, satellite television, CD, DVD and computing based education system. All students should be accessed their all course materials as well as collect their learning material from institution website.

In addition, In the E – learning system all should have a unique ID to accessing the institution’s web and web-based journal. In all e- learning system has an electronic blackboard. However, all students can access the electronic blackboard from any place through their laptop, desktop, tablet and Smartphone. The students can gather lots of information by using E-Learning system. Besides, the e-learning has a good fact that students not need to use any paper book and paper. In this E – learning system, all students can share their idea, thought, educational material among the other students and teachers. Another good fact, if any student failed to attend in the class for sickness, he or she can collect educational material from the institution’s online blackboard. Thus, teachers and students can save their time. I think if the E – Learning system can able to run in our education system, then decrease the plagiarism and as well as easily collect world’s best educational journal papers. Then all students and teachers will achieve more knowledge, sufficient experience. Besides, our Bangladesh will achieve more success in the education sector. So, in future E – Learning becomes is the greatest education system in-need for our Beautiful Bangladesh.

Rezwan Ahmed

Masters of Research (Software Engineering) Students.  
BRAC University, Bangladesh.