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DTH Satellite Television will launch in Bangladesh.

DTH Satellite Television will Launch In Bangladesh :::

Some people don’t know that in this upcoming 2015, DTH  Satellite Television will launch in Bangladesh.

It’s good to get aware that TV system is three types such as one is Analog TV, second one is Digital TV, after all Third One is Satellite TV. Viewers in #Bangladesh can enjoy #Satellite television programs through cutting – edge features ‘Direct To Home’ (DTH) technology soon.

Beximco Communications Limited – will bring this Integrated Technological Support. DTH technology enables a broadcasting company to directly beam the signal to a TV set through a receiver, installed in the #subscriber’s house, instead of cable connections.

“At present, Bangladesh does not have any legal #DTH operator. The viewers can select to choose between few cable operators and a terrestrial television channel. But with this DTCH technology Viewers can watch huge channels and modified (off/on) any channel.

“The ‘head-end’ and the ‘up-link’ are to be installed in 2014 in Bangladesh and DTH’S network will cover the entire territory of Bangladesh.”