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Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion:: Theoretical Research Project

First, I like to discuss about the three issues’ that

Mobile Robot Motion is a path planning and intelligent control basis an autonomous (independent, self-ruling) robot which should move safely in partially structured environment. Here, I would like to describe about solving the motion-planning problem in mobile robot control using neural networks – based technique.

A collision – free path method construction of the Robot for a moving robot among obstacles is based on two neural networks.

The first task is that the Neural Network is used to determine the

  • free ” space using ultrasound range finder data.

The second task that neural network is used to

  • finds ” a safe direction for the next robot section of the path in the workspace, while avoiding the nearest obstacle / barrier or problem. Simulation examples of generating path with proposed techniques will be presented.
Discussion Part
1. Introduction
2. Neural Networks In Robotics
3. The Proposed Approach 
3.1. The Basic Motion Planning Problem
3.2. Environment Representation
3.3. Motion Planning Algorithm
4. Principles Of Proposed Algorithm
4.1. The Find Space Problem Using Neural Network
4.2. Solving The Findpath Problem
4.3. Realization Of The Proposed Algorithm
5. Simulation Results
6. Conclusion
Note: Next I will try to publish the whole project in my blog. Anyone can use this Neural Networks in Mobile Robot Motion Theoretical basis project for the case studies

Engineering Research and Publication – Rules Policy

” Rules Policy of Engineering Research and Publication ” from the BRAC University‘s Engineering Faculty, Associate Professor & Scientist of NASA – Dr. Khalilur Rahman.

Absolutely, that’s very difficult, because all Engineering Research must be followed by the rules of the World’s Engineering Organization – IEEE, ACM, IEEE.INFOCOM. But, have a great risk that a candidate cannot send his/her Article with Experiment Paper to all of this International Organization (IEEE, ACM, INFOCOM), they will reject and should be blacklisted. Better, select only one Engineering Organization of the world for the Publication of Research Paper.

all Engineering Research is Difficult, but Interesting achievement, if you can do.!!!

Here, describe the Policy of Engineering Research and Publication 

In Engineering, all Research and Publication all are approved by IEEE, INFOCOM, ACM. First of all, let to be informed that of any candidates. In the engineering study, all research and publication divided into two categories.

Theory and Practical

Theoretical Base Practical Basis
Simulation System Development (design, Implementation, experiment )
Comparative Study & Extension System Improvement
Theoretical Hypothesis (Some scholar person mention this )



Simulation Base Research

In the SIMULATION Base Research, a candidate always tries to make a model. A public workshop after completing their studies to examine the worldwide status and trends in this field, sponsored by IEEE, INFOCOM., ACM. Almost in all areas of engineering and science, computer simulation has enabled the researchers to study and predict the physical events, as an extension of their theoretical investigations. In many cases, it also provides a powerful alternative to the experimental science when phenomena are not observable or measurements are impractical or too expensive.

Comparative Study & Extension

In this session, a candidate can work with those research topic, where a candidate can compare discuss the other’s work. After, a candidate can add some extension with reference.

Theoretical Hypothesis (Some scholar person mention this ) 

In this type of research, occasionally see. Because this type of research method like as, any research person just makes an idea that this jobs or works are good for the nation or this organization. Example, a research person can say this software system is good for the organization and give such type of advices. Moreover, they make many good ideas for the country, people and the earth.

 Publication System::

Different type publication have in the research

a. Book
b. Journal 
c. Book Chapter 
d. Conference 
e. Local Conference 
f. Abstract
Important Term / facts
  • For writing book, Journal or Book Chapter, you must read 5000 thousand articles and Research papers.
  • For new researcher conference is the best place. If you attend at the conference, then can get an opportunity to meet with many great researchers.
  • The journal never published in two places, if you do that, they will reject and moreover, later they will list you in blacklisted.
  • Once, you are in a blacklisted, then never published your research paper.
  • But, better to choose one place, if you reject, from any place, then can submit to another place as well as must you can publish your paper.

Research Project Paper :: INSUFFICIENTCUSTOMER SERVICES | GAP Analysis Method


Customer Service is the important part of the organization. Many organizations believe that customer service is a minor part for the organization. but for the better business, need better customer services. Customer service is often more direct essential in some positions.

The purpose of this study is to assess the proposition that adoption of a market orientation leads to improved service quality for service sector organization. An organizational culture incorporate the customer service as its central tenet and involving efforts to recognize the needs of customers through a market orientation enables the organisation to provide quality services that satisfy the identified customer needs.

In my light experience, I was doing this research report. In this research report require more data and these data collect by using interviews and observation method. Also, the qualitative research method was used in this research report. In the gap analysis part, briefly discussed the current and ideal state. Mckinsey 7S framework was used for the organizational  structure. Mckinsey 7S framework is an easy and realistic method for analyzing the organization. In the Mckinsey framework, each element was discussed individually. For this, a researcher or user can easily realize each part of the organization. Qualitative research method was used in this project report because this method gives more flexibility to the researcher. Open interviews, focus groups and participant interviews are useing for data collection.

A good skill depends on the positive language, listening and customer satisfaction. The customer service is one of the factors companies looking at to gain sustainable competitive advantage. So it is very much important for the organization. It looks at types of research methods, the methodological issues surrounding exploratory, descriptive research.I want to improve the customer service for the organization, not only for the Generation Society.


As a executive in the learning and skills sector, you may be aware of certain recent developments in our sector. Customer care has a particular and different significance in all professional areas and so must be embedded effectively. Customer service is a suitable important role for any organization. Customer service is the provision of service to customers before, during and after a purchase. Customer service is a series of activities designed to enhance the level of customer satisfaction – that is, the feeling that a product or service has met the customer expectation.” The importance of customer service may vary by product or service, industry and customer.


Voice Control and its Audio Signal Processing in Flexible Manufacturing Cell


In this paper conclude on Voice Control and its Audio Signal Processing in Flexible Manufacturing Cell, which is an advanced idea for the voice development platform of Microsoft Speech SDK, speech recognition and speech synthesis term. I had some limitation but I like to do work on this topic, because I was interested to achieve major information on voice control, audio signal processing and wants to know how these work in the Flexible Manufacturing cell. Finally, I achieved reliable idea on speech recognition system. Also, I would like to give thanks to my coordinator for provide and give best cooperation for chosing this term. Copyright © 2014


Speech detection is a smart new technology to make machines convert voice signals into proper texts or commands through recognition and understanding of the process. Recently, Microsoft provides mature voice technology worldwide and has speech engine and corresponding development kit.Voice interaction element is built to apply speech recognition and speech synthesis to flexible manufacturing unit. A voice remote control system for intelligent flexible manufacturing cell is designed and implemented.

Microsoft has also developed system speech recognition based on .net class library, which has the main achievement of Windows desktop operating speech recognition. It can also be able to realize simple voice secondary development based on the Windows API of WIN7 system. The system can effectively improve the detection rate in noisy environments. But, that is not easy to achieve expected results considering the complexity of development process and higher requirements on the developers.

In the real environment, it is impossible to capture pure speech signals which makes audio signal preprocessing essential. And the endpoint detection is relatively important which directly influences speech recognition results.

It’s Possible To Recover Data From Apple’s IPhone, Not Only from Android OS

It’s Possible To Recover Data From Apple’s IPhone, Not Only from Android OS – By Research

Last time, someone told that difficult to possible recover data from Apple Inc. IPhone OS system, but it’s possible to Recover Data from Android Platform all smartphone. But that’s . Fully wrong info. Absolutely, that’s possible to recover all data from your IPhone.

It’s true that our general people have no idea about DATA Mining however I’m doing Research on Advanced DATABASE and DATA Mining with the faculty Chairman of BRAC Uni. 

Just one thing find out from the Advanced Database Research project there have huge data can collect from IPhone OS, similarly Android OS and all computers. Because, once upon user access the Internet as well as all data store on the internet track by track. Many media told that by using factory reset, then data never collect from IPhone.

But they have no idea that now the time of cloud computing in the world, also Apple IPhone using I-cloud database. So, users data continue store in the world’s local server – Internet Service Association, USA, though you’re using IPhone OS, Android OS. No one couldn’t remove the data, there have many powerful Recovery Software.

Software Research Technology

Software Research Technology

Software research is a big intellectual method for software industries. However, software research is now an important fact for our Bangladesh, where have many software organizations and programmers, developers. But they have not enough software researcher for improving and quality judgement of this software technology. All organizations, software firms just doing business with software, networking and IT as well as develop software and build networking sector. But a few people think about  software technology research. Many people doing work with IT, software and networking but there has very few manpower engaged with the software technology research to improve the technology and software field of Bangladesh.

Absolutely, I saw that there has luck of research methodology in our Bangladeshi software engineers. When I’m doing work at BRAC University with my coordinator, faculty beside of my postgraduate degree on software engineering research methodology.

From My Experience,

Software Engineering Research is not easy and It is not like that you read only, watch the project and write something on the Computer.

A Software Engineering Research Student, Software Engineering Student or any Engineering Students must read huge books, Practice enough Programming Skill, Shape 360 degree base Knowledge on the different High Level Mathematics, huge study on the algorithms, and applications for modeling, simulation, rendering, animation, human-computer interactions, and other key elements of visual computing, Cryptography, Sound Engineering.

After all, you must need 360 degree basis Study and Knowledge, if you gain success on the Engineering Studies and Projects and rest in your life.

Moreover, when develop a thesis or journal and article writing, require a standard guideline. GOOGLE Scholar provides you best suggesting to develop many disciplines and sources, including Thesis, Books, Citations, Abstracts & Articles. By using Google Scholar, users will find world’s all International Ranked Universities Article and Research papers.

::Why I post this ::: 
First of all, When I stayed at Swinburne University Of Technology, Australia and Malaysia campus, then I used Google Scholar for writing world-class thesis, research paper. Absolutely, now I would like to say these from my practical experience.  Now, I love using that at BRAC University. Just I want to express some idea to give my country people and rest of Computer Science Engineering students to get a proper guideline to develop the research papers.

What do the Software Engineer Researcher

University of Calfornia’s Institution Of Software Research Technology Head Richard N. Taylor told that “ A Software researcher of research team’s goal is to advance software and information technology through research partnerships. Here at ISR, we have become the intersection between cutting edge software research and real world practice. Over the years we have built an impressive community of academic software researchers and industrial innovators and  continue to transform the field of Software Engineering. ”


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Citation : Research

Broadly, a citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source. More precisely, a citation is an abbreviated alphanumeric expression embedded in the body of an intellectual work that denotes an entry in the bibliographic references section of the work for the purpose of acknowledging the relevance of the works of others to the topic of discussion at the spot where the citation appears.

References to single, machine-readable assertions in electronic scientific articles are known as nano publications, a form of micro attribution.

Citation has several important purposes: to uphold intellectual honesty (or avoiding plagiarism), to attribute prior or unoriginal work and ideas to the correct sources, to allow the reader to determine independently whether the referenced material supports the author’s argument in the claimed way, and to help the reader gauge the strength and validity of the material the author has used.

The forms of citations generally subscribe to one of the generally accepted citations systems, such as the Oxford, Harvard, MLA, American Sociological Association (ASA), American Psychological Association (APA), and other citations systems, as their syntactic conventions are widely known and easily interpreted by readers. 

Citation machine helps students and professional researchers to properly credit the information that they use. Its primary goal is to make it so easy for student researchers to cite their information sources, that there is virtually no reason not to.