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Digital ID Card Has To Be Mandatory For Every Citizen Of Bangladesh

Digital ID Card Has To Be Mandatory For Every Citizen Of Bangladesh

Digital ID Card Has To Be Mandatory For Every Citizen Of Bangladesh  by Rezwan Ahmed

Every citizen or people have an ID card of the country. Identification card or ID card contains all information of that citizen. Now, that is more important to require a digital ID card for every citizen of Bangladesh, where many development countries provides ID card for their citizen. Many people have no idea about the digital ID card. Actually, Digital ID card is like a National Voter Id card, citizen card where easily update all information of the citizens through collecting data. Also, any citizens can update their all necessary information from any place through internet into website. Then automatically add into digital ID card’s database. Therefore, I personally believe that our citizens need a digital ID card to be mandatory for every citizen of Bangladesh cause of update all information and provide to identify the citizen of Bangladesh.

It is a questioner in mind that why we require a digital ID card. To begin, with digital ID card contain all information personal history, date of birth, ages and many necessary data of the citizens. Moreover, Bangladesh is a most populated country. It is very difficult to collect data of the people from different location. In our Bangladesh, many people don’t give their proper data, or personal information to the Government. But if we have a Digital ID card, many people can give their proper information cause of all information will be store in a database. No person can share that only except the Government authority. Therefore Government easily can collect any people data from database for important time. Now, Government depend on different NGO for collect data. Sometimes different NGO do not collect proper data as well as many times do not possible to collect data of the rural area of any division of Bangladesh. But that is best suitable method to make a digital ID card. Then we can save our time for collecting data as well as people can easily update their information day by day.