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GPRS that mean General Packet Radio Service. Generally it uses radio frequency & speed First.

GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) is the world’s most ubiquitous wireless data service, available now with almost every GSM network. GPRS is a connectivity solution based on Internet Protocols that supports a wide range of enterprise and consumer applications.

In Bangladesh, GPRS is a new service which Given Different Cell Phone Company. It is now favored to Everyone.

Generally I Use GPRS Modem such as MobiData GPRS. When You install the Modem & It’s PC Suite Software, Then Use this Settings

GPRS Setting :

For Banglalink :
Profile Name : blweb
Access Point Number [APN] : *99***1#

If U use Your Mobile Set as Modem Then Use WAP :

WAP Settings :

Profile Name : blwap
Access Point Number [APN] : blwap
proxy/ Gateway / Address : or
Port : 8799


IF You Use Grameen Phone’s GPRS, Then Simply Connected with GPRS in Your PC. If You Use GPRS Modem such as MobiData GPRS. When You install the Modem & It’s PCSuite Software, Then Use this Settings

That Settings Below as :

gpinternet (WEB)
Profile Name : gpinternet
Access Point Number [APN] : *99***1#

GPRS Give Major Facilities Such as :

With throughput rates of up to 40 kbps, users have a similar access speed to a dial-up modem, but with the convenience of being able to connect from anywhere.

  1. GPRS gives advanced, feature Such they are
  2. Rich data services such as color Internet browsing,
  3. E-mail on the move, powerful visual communications such as video streaming;
  4. Multimedia messages & location-based services.

For operators, the adoption of GPRS is a fast and cost-effective strategy that not only supports the real first wave of mobile Internet services, but also represents a big step towards 3GSM (or wideband-CDMA) networks and services.


EDGE is Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution (EDGE) or IMT Single Carrier (IMT-SC) is a digital mobile phone technology that allows increased data transmission rates and improved data transmission reliability. EDGE is generally classified as 2.75G, although it is part of ITU’s 3G definition. EDGE has been introduced into GSM networks around the world since 2003, initially by AT&T in the United States.

EDGE can be used for any Packet Switched application, such as an Internet connection. High-speed data applications such as video services and other multimedia benefit from EGPRS’ increased data capacity. EDGE Circuit Switched is a possible future development.

Now a days, In Our Bangladesh, EDGE facility Given Only GrameenPhone [GP]. Other Operators after few times use this facility. Also Banglalink start & given this facility after a few days.

Disadvantages Of EDGE

Also EDGE gives most favorite wireless Internet facility, but it has some disadvantages ::
  • Data continuous Up & Down in EDGE Internet System,
  • Billing is costly, because more data continuous pass, sometimes more unnecessary rust data bit pass by this EDGE facility, that’s why bill go to Up.
  • Internet Link sometimes disconnected