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Make Your PDF file by Microsoft Add-On

Moreover, People always search a good PDF converter on the web, But, you can easily make your Adobe PDF file from default Microsoft Office.

Don’t worry.!!! Install ‪‎MicrosftOffice_Add_In, Convert file into PDF format by using as option – ” Save As PDF “

Converted PDF format file compatible and fit with AcrobatReader‬, other pdf software FoxIT‬ Reader and rest of all. I expected that everyone will be please by using this.

Make PDF file By Google Chrome Browser

No Need Any Software For Make Your PDF File, Just You Can do it By Google Chrome.

You have no need to install any software for make pdf file. Just you can make it by using Google Chrome. Google Chrome gives you this feature. From online, you can make any word or web format file can easily convert into PDF file. For this step, just you will choose an option print file, then show a command box. On that box, you can see save as option, below the image

Then just choose destination “Save as PDF file ”. Then your file saves as PDF format. So, you can use Google Chrome browser for making PDF File, no need to install extra software for make PDF file.


Make PDF file By Google Chrome


Memory Dump |

Every computer stores numbers, letters, and other special characters in binary form. There are several occasions when computer professionals need to know the raw data contained in a computer’s memory. A commonly used way of doing this is to print out the memory contents on a printer. This printout is called a Memory Dump.

Memory Dumps, which use binary numbers, would have many pages of 0s and 1s

Steve Jobs :: Apple Incorporated Creator [ 1955 – 2011]

Steve Jobs :: Apple Incorporated Creator [ 1955 – 2011]

Apple Incorporated CEO & Apple PC creator Steve Jobs was left from the world on 5th October, 2011. Steve Jobs full name Steven Poll Jobs. Steve was born on 24th February, 1955.  Apple Incorporated was creating 3th January, 1977. This great Computer Scientist was given the world many Interesting & enjoyable ICT product.   

Google Greasing Chrome OS for Launch

Google’s planned operating system, is just about ready to hit the market, according to reports. The OS, which shares a name with Google’s Web browser, was announced last July. It will be based on the Linux kernel and may become a significant rival to Windows 7 in the Netbook computer space.

Google will release its Chrome operating system for download within a week, according to a report in the blog TechCrunch, which sited an unnamed source.

Launching the OS as soon as possible makes sense, said Rob Enderle, principal analyst at the Enderle Group. “I would expect the Chrome OS will show up shortly because they need the ecosystem ready by the end of 2010,” he told TechNewsWorld.

That ecosystem consists of products from Chrome OS project partners, including Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP, Toshiba and Qualcomm.

“It appears that Google’s getting ready to finally put some muscle behind its Chrome OS bluster,” Al Hilwa, program director of application development software at IDC, told TechNewsWorld. However, he reckons this is more hype than anything else.

“I get the sense that Google’s trying to leverage the excitement around Windows 7 and get a bit of a ‘me too’ buzz,” Hilwa explained. “Leaking out that it will have some alpha bits for the Chrome OS in a week is really a weak response to Windows 7.”

Google did not respond to requests for comment by press time.

The Chrome OS Project
Google announced plans for the Chrome OS project in July. This caused a degree of confusion in the field, as Google already touted Android as an OS for both smartphones and small computers. The use of the same name for its browser and OS only worked to raise eyebrows even further.

Blame Google’s lack of marketing expertise for doubling up on the Chrome name, Enderle said. “Google has showcased a massive weakness in marketing and branding, and using the same name for both the OS and the browser is a reflection of that,” he pointed out. “Both are largely based on the Chrome browser, but they should have never had the same name.” This mistake will be an expensive one, Enderle predicted.

The Chrome OS is a fast, lightweight operating system that will be open sourced, Google said in announcing the project. It will sit on top of a Linux kernel and will use a new windowing system. The Web will be its application development platform.

Meanwhile, Google is extending the Chrome browser to the Mac OS X platform, and an early developer channel version is now available. The Mac beta will be released in December, according to a blog post by Nick Baum, a Chrome product manager.

Where Are the Partners?
The silence from Google’s Chrome OS project partners such as HP and Acer has been deafening. Why aren’t they rushing to announce netbooks running the Chrome OS?

Perhaps they’re trying to leverage their deals with Microsoft (Nasdaq: MSFT) over Windows 7, IDC’s Hilwa pointed out. “I suspect that OEMs are in constant negotiation with Microsoft about saving an extra penny on a Windows image,” he said.

The advent of Windows 7 may have put pressure on Linux netbooks, which have not been very well received by consumers, Hilwa said. “It could be that Chrome OS will rekindle excitement around a version of Linux in the future, but Google has its work cut out for it,” he explained. “If Google delivers something differentiated and polished, there will be genuine OEM interest in trying a Linux netbook again.”

That doesn’t mean OEMs are turning their backs on the Chrome OS. Lenovo and Acer plan to launch netbooks that will run the Chrome OS, according to the blog Shannan.

Lenovo has already developed a smartbook that runs on the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, company spokesperson Kristy Fair told TechNewsWorld. The device will be announced at the Consumer Electronic Show, to be held in Las Vegas in January, she said. However, she declined to discuss the operating system that it will used.

OS and Browser Soup
Google has been vigorously stirring the pot in recent weeks, first with the announcement of a new programming language, then with its Chrome OS news.

In September, Google launched Noop, a testable programming language running on the Java Virtual Machine.

Now we have possible leaks about the Chrome OS. Just what is Google trying to achieve?

“The dabbling in languages seems like a collection of side projects at the periphery of what’s important at Google, namely to make money through advertising by keeping eyeballs on its properties,” IDC’s Hilwa said.

That dabbling might be more a symptom of disorientation than get-up-and-go, Enderle contended. “I think they have a huge problem of focus — they’re showcasing an inability to stage products and are starting to compete with themselves heavily,” he explained. “This market likes simplicity, and Google is showing an inability to see that.”


DDR2 & DDR3 Memory Controllers for Bandwidth Applications

DDR2 and DDR3 memory controllers developed by GDA Technologies, Inc. are known for their highly efficient and configurable design for bandwidth applications like DSP processors, Video codec, graphics and general interfaces. Apart from being compliant with JEDEC DDR2/3 Standards, the other major highlights of the DDR2 & DDR3 Memory Controllers are Pipeline architecture to increase operational efficiency, flexible and programmable address mapping, and programmable timing parameters for RCD, RP, RFC, FAW, CCD, WR, RTP, RRD, MRD, WL, DAL.

Disk Organization

Disk Organization

Before discussing some of the issues it is necessary to outline briefly some basics about the way disks are organized.

Flash Disk / PenDrive Format in NTFS

Generally all Pen-Drive or Flash Disk run in FAT 32 format System. also Flash Disk Format in FAT format. But if wish to use NTFS Format, of course should be Use. for NTFS format, at first click on the right button, then  go properties / hardware option & select the current Pen Drive or Flash Disk, then from Properties\Policies, select Optimize for Performance, Then Click Ok.

Then the Pen Drive or Flash drive Use The NTFS System.

Note :: before do the format of Flash Disk or Pen drive, must remove Your important data, otherwise data are corrupted or delete.