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Meaning of Phishing Virus Malware Ransomware Firewall and Cyber Attack SmartPhone Security

Meaning of Phishing Virus Malware Ransomware Firewall and Cyber Attack SmartPhone Security


A play on the word ‘fishing’, phishing also tries to lure the unsuspecting to take a bite. It is the process of attempting to fraudulently acquire sensitive data, such as passwords and credit card numbers. Phishing is often attempted with bogus emails, but it can also be done through messaging apps.


A virus, or more specifically a computer virus, is malicious software that is designed to spread and modify computer programs. Viruses can be used with the specific goal of causing damage to the computer system or to allow hackers to take control of a system.


Malware –effectively malicious software –is an umbrella term for software that is designed to damage or disrupt a computer. Specific types of malware include spyware, trojan horses, and worms.


A type of malware, ransomware is a software virus that uses encryption to lock a user out of their system. It is used to extort money out of companies and individuals, with those behind the attack only giving access back (if at all) once a ransom has been paid.

Cyber Attack

Any type of offensive action that is designed to unlawfully take control of files, a device, computer system, network, or server, etc. A cyberattack can be a single targeted action against a device, or an attempt to bring down the infrastructure of an organization or government.


A firewall is a network security system that is designed to control the flow of data through a computer network. The idea is that the firewall will filter out non-trusted data when passing from one network to another.


A Zero-day vulnerability is a computer software flaw that is unknown to the software’s creators and leaves that software open to exploitation from hackers. This method of targeted hacking is called a Zero-day exploit.

Mobile Security

Mobile security, or mobile device security, is a broad field of security in mobile computing covering passwords, software, hardware, encryption, and so on. It has taken on a greater significance in light of the increasing amount of business and personal financial data now stored on smartphones.