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Advantages Disadvantages of C

Advantages & Disadvantages|C Language

Advantages of C Language

1. C language is a building block for many other currently known languages.C language has variety of data types and powerful operators. Due to this, programs written in C language are efficient, fast and easy to understand.

2. C is highly portable language. This means that C programs written for one computer can easily run on another computer without any change or by doing a little change.

3. There are only 32 keywords in ANSI C and its strength lies in its built-in functions. Several standard functions are available which can be used for developing programs.

4. Another important advantage of C is its ability to extend itself. A C program is basically a collection of functions that are supported by the C library this makes us easier to add our own functions to C library. Due to the availability of large number of functions, the programming task becomes simple.

5. C language is a structured programming language. This makes user to think of a problem in terms of function modules or blocks. Collection of these modules makes a complete program. This modular structure makes program debugging, testing and maintenance easier.

Disadvantages of C Language

1. C does not have concept of OOPs, that’s why C++ is developed.

2. There is no runtime checking in C language.

3. There is no strict type checking. For example, we can pass an integer value.

4. for the floating data type.

5. C doesn’t have the concept of namespace.

6. C doesn’t have the concept of constructor or destructor.