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Electronic Education BlackBoard System

Online Education/Electronic Education BlackBoard System

Electronic black board is the new education system of the modern digital world. Many country and world’s reputed all Universities uses and following these Education style.

Many reputed Universities of our Bangladesh, don’t use of Online Blackboard, where students can easily upload their all projects, can group discussion as well as discussion with faculties Teachers, Members.

Students can see his/her academic Performance through this Online Blackboard. But In Bangladesh, all Universities run by famous lecturer, teacher, professors, who are fully foreign Ph.D degree holder, even they have known these ideas. Because they achieved their Ph.D from foreign Universities But they don’t give advise using this Online Blackboard System in our Bangladeshi all Universities.

I always think that what they’re doing for Digital Modern Education System ?

All students could be accessed all course materials as well as collect their learning material from the institution’s web site. all should have a unique ID to access the institution’s web and web-based journal. However, all students can access the electronic blackboard from any place through their laptop, desktop, tablet and Smartphone. All students can share their ideas, education material among the other students and all teachers. Another good fact, though any students fail to attend at class for sickness, he or she can collect educational material from the institution’s online blackboard. Thus, teachers and students can save their time.

[ experience from Swinburne University of Technology, Australia ]


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