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Easily Save & Store File In Gmail

when any body want to save or Store any file In the On-line Storage, then It is more secure than General save in any Pc r CD or Disk Drive. Also files are stay safely & get free from lost or crash PC.

In web service Email is more attractive Storage media. but it is more problem save the important file by log in the mail account. but there have a way to store the file in The Gmail without enter the Gmail Account.

but for get this service need an extra Software Backup To EMail

when any user install this Software, then User give the User name & Password of Gmail, then the Mouse over any file or folder & click on Backup To EMail by the right button of Mouse, File should be save automatically. The Folder types File save as Zip file & the file go to the mail inbox.

but if wish to ave other place of the mail, then it should be done by filtering.

This software found in this website ::

requirement need :: Java must be stay or install in the PC..