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It’s Possible To Recover Data From Apple’s IPhone, Not Only from Android OS

It’s Possible To Recover Data From Apple’s IPhone, Not Only from Android OS – By Research

Last time, someone told that difficult to possible recover data from Apple Inc. IPhone OS system, but it’s possible to Recover Data from Android Platform all smartphone. But that’s . Fully wrong info. Absolutely, that’s possible to recover all data from your IPhone.

It’s true that our general people have no idea about DATA Mining however I’m doing Research on Advanced DATABASE and DATA Mining with the faculty Chairman of BRAC Uni. 

Just one thing find out from the Advanced Database Research project there have huge data can collect from IPhone OS, similarly Android OS and all computers. Because, once upon user access the Internet as well as all data store on the internet track by track. Many media told that by using factory reset, then data never collect from IPhone.

But they have no idea that now the time of cloud computing in the world, also Apple IPhone using I-cloud database. So, users data continue store in the world’s local server – Internet Service Association, USA, though you’re using IPhone OS, Android OS. No one couldn’t remove the data, there have many powerful Recovery Software.