RezwanAhmed & His Team || Software Engineer



Softdata Archive Lab™ is One Man Brand remote size Software LAB, Headquarter in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Softdata Archive LAB™ is a part of REZWAN System, which is a brand name in Bangladesh.

Softdata Archive LAB™ perform Software Research, Branding LoGo, Software UI (User Interface) Design, E-documents and provide. In addition, Softdata Archive lab™ provide Software Consultancy, execution and support of computer Software, Hardware, Desktop & Laptop computing system support as well as finally gives complete Office System. The Lab publishes tech related different news as well as everyone can read IT news from the lab’s web and social link.

Softdata Archive | One Man Brand Software Lab, mission to become a reliable UI design of Software and IT Software Research.

 Softdata Archive Lab™