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I like to Make the Rules….Startup Idea Job

I like to Make the Rules….Startup Idea Job

It’s True, and a Single Person always finds major happiness from his/her regular jobs and inspirational works.
Be Remembered – 
” A Single Person always a Strong Guy, Harder; 
That can lead in all difficulties as well as Make the Rules and Do what You Like. Jm8o6MxGqIk

It’s very interesting that earn money except hard struggle, just only using brainstorming idea basis job. Everyone has the same goals: study, graduate and get a job.

Also, newcomer told me, what’re you doing, how you spend your life… then I’m laughing. Precisely, a few years ago I liked to have started new way that’s a startup idea job, part of who you are.

Exactly, It’s not a job where you follow others’ rules. But I like to Make the Rules and Do what You Like.

Rezwan Ahmed

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