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Ayub Bachchu – first Rock star of Bangladeshi Band

A greatest Legend, first Rockstar of Bangladeshi Band, prominent singer Sir Ayub Bachchu had passed away. Absolutely, Ayub Bachchu one of the most favorite singer in my childhood life still now.

Ayub Bachchu who spend a lot of energy and effort behind PR, promotion, image and branding. Ayub Bachchu mostly known as AB is the legendary name in the history of Bangladesh and Asia Band Music. The word “legend” is generously used to refer to celebrities nowadays but Ayub Bachchu was and remains a legend in the truest sense.

This Ayub Bachchu, one singer remove many sadness time of the youth and people of Bangladesh by his different songs. Ayub Bachchu’s most favorite album are “Ferari Mon (Unplugged)”, mellower versions of “Ekhon onek raat”, “Cholo bodley jai”, “Madhobi”, “ Jonmo Mrittu” and “Rupali guitar”

Allaah grant him (#Ayub_Bachchu) Jannhath

বাংলাদেশের ব্যান্ড সংগীতের অপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী তারকা, কিংবদন্তি শিল্পী আর উপমহাদেশের অন্যতম সেরা গিটারিস্ট আইয়ুব বাচ্চুর গান তারুণ্যের প্রতীক। প্রেমের প্রতীক।

বাংলাদেশ রাষ্ট্র স্বাধীনতার পর ১৯৮০ থেকে পরবর্তী থেকে ৯০ দশক থেকে শুরু করে আজ পর্যন্ত বাংলাদেশের তরুণ-তরুণীরা তাঁর গান শুনে প্রেম করেছে। বিরহের সময়ও আইয়ুব বাচ্চুর গানকে সঙ্গী করেছে। তিনি মরে গেলেও তাঁর গান বেঁচে থাকবে।’

বাংলাদেশের ব্যান্ড সংগীতের অপ্রতিদ্বন্দ্বী তারকা, কিংবদন্তি শিল্পী আর উপমহাদেশের অন্যতম সেরা গিটারিস্ট আইয়ুব বাচ্চুর মৃত্যুতে যত মানুষ হয়েছে, বাংলাদেশে বর্তমানে কোন রাজনৈতিক নেতার মৃত্যুতে এতো মানুষ হবে না আর তরুন প্রজন্মও কাঁদবে না।

তাঁর কিছু জনপ্রিয় গানঃঃ

এই রুপালি গিটার ফেলে একদিন চলে যাব দুরে, বহুদূরে
সেদিন চোখে অশ্রু তুমি রেখো গোপন করে।
মনে রেখো তুমি, কত রাত কত দিন
শুনিয়েছি গান আমি, ক্লান্তিবিহীন
অধরে তোমার ফোঁটাতে হাসি, চলে গেছি শুধু, সুর থেকে কত সুরে।

ঘুমন্ত শহরে রূপালী রাতে
স্বপ্নের নীল চাদর বিছিয়ে
কষ্টের শীতল আবরণ জড়িয়ে
আমি আছি আছি তোমার স্মৃতিতে

খুব বেশি জানতে ইচ্ছে করে আমি চলে গেলে কি নিয়ে তুমি থাকবে?
বড় বেশি জানতে ইচ্ছে করে ভুলে যাবে নাকি আমায় মনে রাখবে?

এই রুপালি গিটার ফেলে
একদিন চলে যাব দুরে, বহুদূরে

ধুলো মাখা পথ, পথেরি মায়ায়
একলা আমার পথের পাড়ি

আমি গানে গানে আসবো ফিরে বারে বারে….

Hidden History to Create Bangladesh

Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was not Rebel but we forced him to chosen go in that way. Pakistan didn’t treat good act with Bangladesh, and afterall separated them from Us. Pakistan ‘pushed Bangladesh into secession.
Even we didn’t carefully read the Justice Hamudur Rahman Commission reported, where had the real fruitful evidence about The Independence of Bangladesh.

The Commission reportedly recommended action against the then Pakistani generals for the 1971 War, but no action was taken and only parts of the report were declassified in 2000.

Bangladesh had original rule for creating today’s Pakistan.
— Nawaz Sharif, Ousted Prime Minister of Pakistan.






People can think that some item shouldn’t find in Bangladesh.
But, everything now you will get in Bangladesh.

Relax, Listen please – DJ, RJ, Club, Night Club, Luxurious Bar House, Relax Centre and all of these types of entertainment available in Bangladesh. Country Go fast..

But, at this moment one thing is very essential for our Bangladesh, that is a Fair Politics, Fair Election, Impartial politician, Fair Democracy, Neutral Leadership.1553462_462430713856803_2041636324_o - Copy

Country’s minor people going into divided for those two major political parties and Sand Truck. At least, Think about the up to 17 million people of Bangladesh.

Country’s major people shouted so much with a foreign country, when any foreign country is falling into a political crisis. But, they cannot shout accordingly for their mother – one nice country Bangladesh.

The country people expect to get happiness, stay good, proper food, job and proper life. But, the Politicians never think with the 17 million people of Bangladesh.


One Antagonist party gave fire on the transport vehicles, moreover country bus and, made grill people by set the petrol bomb. And, for the security reasons, One Ruling party forcefully blocks Internet base all free Call, Messaging Apps such like as Viber and Tango shut down by BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulator Communication) and switch off many international communication services..Country Cloudy Time
Last night, the ruling party decided to withdraw all Tk.1 and Tk.2 Notes & Coins from money market of Bangladesh. But, on social sites, all crazy youth and people made a strong voice against on those harmful decisions.

Bangladeshi all media and many people said that popular mobile voice and messaging services Viber, Tango, WhatsApp have resumed.

But, Intelligence asks BTRC not to allocate remaining 3G spectrum. Because, In the 3G Network services has emerged as a big threat for the security because Smartphone-based Communication applications cannot be monitored and tracked. Also, BTRC cannot switch off these social apps, who’re expertise in ICT.

You can stop these social apps by using 4G technology and block the International Gateway of the country.

Country people think that Gov’t stop the WhatsApp Service but actually, that’s not. From the last 22 January, 2015, WhatsApp Inc was shut down for 24 hours, get to know from the WhatsApp Inc Office, California, US.

” Country go Digital but some of our digital Intelligence stupidity, told that stop communication apps, but one thing forget that there have lots of communication apps.


Save Dhaka from Developers and Construction Company

In our country,
Construction Company as well as Developers told they are building high-rise buildings for peoples, watch a dream that they make a nice city for the young generation, but they destroy many rivers, lots of nice forests, grab many people land and after all destroy the natural view of Dhaka city.

But those Construction Company or Developers cannot take a challenge to build an entertainment city, forest area for the people, the current generation of Bangladesh.

The late night Dhaka is very beautiful for amazing light and natural environments, but the problem is boost traffic jam at Dhaka City as well as lost many important time. But, Now, the current generation makes entertainment by their self idea.

9669017970_17646e69fc_bIMAG0270IMAG0609 - all rights reserved By ReZwan Ahmed Photography 2014 October Dhaka


Bangladesh Web Portal | Beautiful BANGLADESH

Bangladesh is a predominantly rural country (72% of the population), but is experiencing rapid population growth in urban areas: the number of city dwellers is currently estimated at 43 million people, but is expected to double by 2030 and exceed 100 million by 2050. With some 45,000 inhabitants per km², the capital Dhaka is today the most densely populated megacity in the world. It is also the only city without any public transport system. This leads to constant traffic jams, which hamper economic activity and pollute the air.

It is really a good news and after all our Beautiful BANGLADESH improve day by day through lots of corruption. Finally, Bangladesh Citizen and foreigners can collect important information from Bangladesh web.

Interested people will get all e-service and info about Agriculture, Education & HR system, Healthcare, Utilities, Disaster Mgt., Passport Form, TIN Registration, Railway Ticketing System, National E-Service System (NESS), Union Information and Service Centres (UISC), and much more.

Absolutely, all people will get overall information and access all facilities from this unique web of Bangladesh Gov’t. It is the largest web portal in the world.

#GoodLuckBangladesh | #LoveMotherland | #BeautifulBangladesh

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