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rezwanlink wishing02Web-blogging, in this time is an interesting term. But I like to feel good, that enjoying longtime a 11 years working experience on WebBlog, template Design and Web Contents.

Actually, since 2003, I was starting to write on the web blog. At that time, I cannot do many things. But day by day gather a great experience. It was a great running time to do work on a web blog, template design and web contents. Never I cannot believe that a long time how to do write continues. But, I have no intend to earn money from web-blog. Now, it’s time to earn money from webblog.

Proud with my Country Bangladesh.rezwanlink wishing002

My webblog (rezwanlink.wordpress.com) was viewed about 3,500 times in 2014. — News from wordpress.
At my weblink, last 15th December 2014, 210 viewer and visitors read my post that wrote on 16th December, 1971.

Absolutely, my webblog (rezwanlink.wordpress.com) is the best place to express my Idea and Innovation terms.

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